About Us

“The Orange Monkey Rack Ups High Score” (The Ottawa Citizen)

"It's fairly easy to find a place to play late-night pool in this city. It's harder to find a location that has the right ambience, not to mention level tables and straight cuesticks... The Orange Monkey Bar and Billiards is one of Ottawa's more refined billiards centres” (The Ottawa Citizen)

The Orange Monkey opened for business in 1986 when three Carleton University students decided to rent space in the City Centre and start up a pool hall. The name “Orange Monkey” was actually the nickname of one of the entrepreneurial students whom was suspected by his friends to self-tan from a bottle.

Now, The Orange Monkey is owned and operated by lawyer and entrepreneur, Brian Beauchamp.

As profiled on ottawaplus.ca, the Orange Monkey is a great setting to play pool or snooker and to grab a bite to eat :

"Snooker and Pool: Fourteen pool tables give the pool players ample opportunity to hit the tables, while six snooker tables provide access to the other side of the game. While snooker may seem a lot like pool the larger table, smaller balls and smaller pockets make it more of a challenge. It is a great game for those who excel at pool and are looking for something new, or for those who played the game years ago when snooker was the only game to play. Orange Monkey is the only spot in the city with many tables to play Snooker on so it’s a great spot to enjoy either game.

Grab a Bite: Host of the annual Canadian Snooker Championships you know this place if first rate. Inside it is clean and bright and the high ceilings make the large game area impressive. The separate bar area is fully licensed so you can expect to find all your favourites. A unique retro touch though offers quarts at really reasonable prices; worth checking out. The bar also offers up typical pub fare so you can enjoy a bite while you play. Dig into nachos or wings, sandwiches or burgers; you can even get breakfast here before 11:30 daily.

Casual Setting: Orange Monkey is one of those places everyone will feel at home. Young and old, blue collar, white collar, men and women all find they fit right in here. The casual laid-back atmosphere makes it easy to enjoy your sport or time with friends. This is a great place for Christmas parties; in fact any time a celebration calls for something different."